Nothing emanates Parisian charm better than the illustrious Kensington Hotel.

Situated within a tantalizing distance from the Eiffel Tower, this dwelling spot offers an embodiment of Parisian grace and conveniences, enveloping you in a spectacle of enchantment.

Indulge in our homely luxuries as each room is well-equipped with private and hygienic washrooms, further complemented with necessities such as a hairdryer for transient grooming needs – Keeps you looking your impeccable self, we don’t wont to compromise there, do we? In addition to the glare of a flat-screen TV, allowing that entertainment binge, amenities such as an in-room safe secure your belongings, while casting a cloud of serenity over our guests. High-speed, uninterrupted, and lent to you for free; we host a convenient connection to Wi-Fi ensuring our guests remain connected sempre.

Whoever would cease an opportunity to nestle close to the Eiffel Tower, a dream worth living, wouldn’t you agree? Located a stone’s throw away from France’s starlet symbols carved in iron, Kensington Hotel reforms the magic up close. The high-end user-friendly intimate interface of our official website corroborates your bookings are performed at the most competitive rates, available instantly. A commitment we hammer to impose with serious gravity.

Wonder why the Kensington would suit you best? This ideologically designed hotel welcomes you with open arms adjacent to Main Paris hinted starkly by the awe-inspired elegancy of the Eiffel Tower and sprawling Champ de Mars. Various attraction spots ornate the surrounding of our dwelling-place including several easily navigable bus-to-road transit points accessible aimlessly exploiting drudgery out of your tour routines. An advanced metro station exemplary of convenient conveyance resides only a brief stroll measureable as a four minute jaunt.

A reception desk cater to our valued guests’ needs ceaselessly throughout their stay, with personnel available to communicate in the refined local tongue of romantic French or with globally spoken popular languages such as English and Spanish. Intuitive assistance as you prefer, is our motto. Though accessibility limitations hint our property might not be fairly accommodating visitors with mobility restrictions, regrets spare the fine details.

We uphold progressive collaborations thus Wi-fi remains all-around accessible, echoed by the hosting bandwidth robustly resting throughout the enclosure. And don’t fret if your mesmerizing Paris-in-shrine themed chase builds looming bags strains you; allow duty to reshelve itself onto our dutiful shoulders preserving atop the reception. We anticipate the few remaining hours for your pleasure endowing classic parisian delights, defining trancendent serenity.