Positioned within basking distance of the renowned Eiffel Tower, our accommodations array from standard to superior and provide awe-inspiring views of this globally loved monument. Offering the luxury of affordability combined with indispensable intricacies including an ensuite bathroom, television, and WiFi access, Eiffel Kensington Hotel sets the stage for an indulgent sojourn in the heart of Paris.

Marking solid respectability in the hospitality realm, our establishment is home to twenty-five delightful rooms boasting the gratification of two-star opulence inclusive of their private bathrooms adorned with a hairdryer, a flat-screen TV, a secure safe, and, of course, gratis WiFi, satisfying your strive for modern warmth while staying true to authentic Parisian charm.

Nestling you aptly just footsteps from the Eiffel Tower, Hotel Kensington blooms as the natural starting point for your exploration and interconnected journey with what is irrefutably France’s most popular hallmark. Classic or superior, our rooms reliably are quiet retreats designed with your comfort and contemporary needs in mind – the quintessence of a home away from home.

Awaken to an exclusive spectacle presented by the Eiffel Tower saluting you right from your window and creating the framework to fashion and foster enduring impressions of your Parisian retreat. Soundly aligned with benevolent hospitality, we are not settling for less when balancing maximum quality with budget-friendly accommodations, officiating your journey narrative stamped ‘noble inauthentic France’ crafting a bespoke storyline interlocking both modern France with poise of luxury.

Sink into our rooms and let the Parisian charm engulf your senses and unravel the lure towards the city’s eccentric allure standing on your window sill, enhancing the backdrop breaking painting ‘light protecting the sky’. The Eiffel looming large yet aesthetic, waiting to beckon your return after an day enmeshed with explorations, standing tall to embellish your legacy at the Hotel Kensington with enchanting memories lagged into a timeless tapestry. Dive into an episode ensuring not a stint on a monetary level but a gallery par excellence to be reminiscing over time and again.