Article 1:
The hotelier has the freedom not to receive customers whose dress is indecent and neglected, and whose behavior is noisy, incorrect, alcoholic, contrary to public decency and public order.
Anyone wishing to stay at the hotel is required to make their identity known and that of the people accompanying them.

Article 2: Opening time
The hotel welcomes you 24h / 24h 365 days a year.

Article 3: Occupation of the rooms
The customer may not introduce third parties into the room who are not known to the hotelier, unless the latter authorizes it. Likewise, the client cannot rent a room for a number of people greater than that provided for by the regulations in force.

Article 4: Access to the rooms
Upon arrival, unless the hotelier agrees, the client cannot demand to occupy the room before 2 p.m. The night rental ends at 11 a.m., regardless of the customer's arrival time.
A luggage storage service allows customers to leave their luggage at the hotel reception in exchange for a receipt which will be required for their return.

Article 5: Management of night access keys and badges
The room key is an electronic key that the customer can keep with him. However, it must not be left with a third party and must be returned on the day of departure.
In the event of non-return, the hotel will charge € 5 and will debit the amount from the customer's credit card.

Article 6: Nuisance and respect for the rest of other customers
Tapage, even during the day, is prohibited. The customer causing disorder or scandal in any form whatsoever, will be invited to leave the hotel immediately and without refund. In the interest of the tranquility of the establishment, all noise must cease between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. For the respect and the rest of the other customers, take care not to slam the doors nor to make too much noise particularly between 22H00 and 8H00. Any neighborhood noise linked to the behavior of a person or an animal under the responsibility of the customer, may cause the hotelier to invite the latter to leave the establishment without it being necessary to carry out acoustic measurements, as soon as the noise generated is likely to affect the tranquility of the clientele (art. R.1334-30 and R; 1334-31 of the Public Health Code).
A hotel room is a place of rest. All trade is strictly prohibited.

Article 7: Responsibilities
Children are the sole responsibility of the client.
The animals that the hotelier will have accepted in the establishment are also under the responsibility of the tenant of the room. It is forbidden to leave them unattended in the room.
Any damage or nuisance caused voluntarily or involuntarily must be paid by the person who reserved the room, it is the same for the damage caused by his animal.

Article 13: Prohibitions
For security reasons and for the respect of everyone, smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel. In accordance with decree n ° 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006 fixing the conditions of application of the ban on smoking in places used for collective use, smoking in the hotel exposes you to an additional billing of 90 € or to legal proceedings.
Any untimely triggering of the fire alarm for non-compliance with this provision will be invoiced at € 150 for the costs of bringing the fire safety system back into service.
Likewise, it is forbidden to cook in the rooms, take meals there or bring drinks not supplied by the hotel, as well as do your laundry there.
It is also forbidden to store food in the minibars provided by the hotel.

Article 17: Establishment under video surveillance in common areas
For the safety of goods and people, the establishment is placed under video surveillance with recording.
Only the cases provided by law, authorizes the provision of images.

Article 18: Acceptance of the rules and general conditions of sale
The hotel's internal regulations apply to all reservations. Any stay implies acceptance of the special conditions and internal rules of the hotel. Failure to comply with the above provisions results in the immediate termination of the contract.

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