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Step into our lobby where our highly informed concierge awaits to assist you with a wealth of insights about the locale and to make your activity reservations seamless. Whether you need assistance with your itinerary or valuable suggestions about the must-visit places nearby, we have got you covered.

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Start your day on the right note with letters included in our continental breakfast spread. Nutritious as they are delightful, what better way to energise yourself for exploring the city of lights?

Our service provides you with current reading staples—a complimentary collection of extensive daily newspapers. Right from the early mornings’ stomping grounds, stay updated daily in a pleasurable and relaxed way with the handpicked papers from our news desk.

In our already decadent Parisian abode, navigating will be a breeze with the aid of our highly efficient elevator system—even enhancing your mobility is not too little a task for us! We strive for effortless comfort because we understand every detail matters.

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Ridding you of any transportation worries through our expeditious taxi services aligns with our commitment to make your stay as convenient as possible. Leave the intricacies to us as you prepare for an outing and experience hassle-free transport service.

Our services have been meticulously planned and executed to cater to the needs of every guest, whether on a business excursion or seeking enjoyment in leisure travel. An unforgettable sojourn awaits you in the heart of Paris – assuredly memorable and undeniably luxurious, ushering in supreme comfort is the Eiffel Kensington promise.